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about 4 minutes ago
@Takoa I am in the server from the 18 may......... I hate the nomination thingy coz if u dont have any frnds with a… https://t.co/l7zkv6IE1g

Jon Melo

about 8 minutes ago
I have so many issues with their service and Sprint puts me on hold for so long that between the amount of times I’… https://t.co/7IpJoxB8P9

Cheryl Jefford

@AirCanada @EFtours
about 27 minutes ago
@AirCanada My son left for Europe on @EFtours June 30. Still no bag for he and 5 others. AC Baggage 1-888 number ca… https://t.co/WaX33YSNN4


about 43 minutes ago
I think I’ll give up on Naruto- it’s been years already that I’m watching it, and every time the story line becomes… https://t.co/cwBy0812U5


about 46 minutes ago
might put archon collecting on hold kusanali is so boring might aswell consider dehya the archon

Kevin Donohue

about 2 hours ago
@AerLingus Thank you for a more prompt reply. We have to leave our hotel in 20 mins to go get another one. There’s… https://t.co/PHfCL3tWGX

Amanda Lee

@DomLee1987 @AskAmexUK
about 2 hours ago
RT @DomLee1987: @AskAmexUK Shocking telephone service. On hold for 33 minutes and counting. No hold music now (stopped at 28 min) so no ide…


about 2 hours ago
@AskAmexUK Shocking telephone service. On hold for 33 minutes and counting. No hold music now (stopped at 28 min) s… https://t.co/ElHzcaUoro


about 3 hours ago
Well damn Wallace been saying something about the weather being bad all week. Definitely didn’t expect server weath… https://t.co/YSsCdWmZ15

Graham Curry

about 3 hours ago
@VirginMoney why don’t you at least play some descent music whilst on hold for an HOUR .Please please bring back Yorkshire Bank


@FedEx @FedExHelp
about 3 hours ago
@FedEx @FedExHelp My parcel has been bouncing around the UK since the past 4 days now , being given false instructi… https://t.co/dH3O15A7Ie

Melissa Baker

about 4 hours ago
@HM_Passport this is how long I’ve been on hold so far today. Previously been cut off after 1 hour 16 mins. I need… https://t.co/L7GyLPJeEY


about 4 hours ago
The construction along Apete-Awotan has been placed on hold for some weeks now and the alternative road is so bad.… https://t.co/VHF4wQxxWZ

Mani Ratnam

@Delta @LGAairport
about 4 hours ago
@Delta @LGAairport US has become one of the worst countries to travel. I booked a ticket from Toronto to LaGuardia… https://t.co/NQNQP1FlWy

Julie B 🌸🙂 💜🐭

about 4 hours ago
@virginmedia I’ve tried the chat 2 times and it takes forever then as soon as they coonect I’ve not seen the notifi… https://t.co/K0e91hKHEc

Thomas Wilson

about 4 hours ago
Finally got number for @lufthansa baggage department. Called when open 9AM. Estimated waiting time 8 minutes - not… https://t.co/34GswjqTDF


about 4 hours ago
@ElectricIreland currently 1 hour plus on hold waiting to get through to the loyalty department listening to brutal music


about 5 hours ago
@AerLingus could you please put more staff on the phones, I like many others have been on hold for hours. Thankful… https://t.co/veIgRDH6xB


about 5 hours ago
At this point I don’t remember what life was like without your on hold music in the background @AerLingus

nobi ✿

about 6 hours ago
hi so 25% into truly devious and im bored (and i hear it gets even slower paced literally hOw) so im either gonna dnf or put it on hold 🫶


about 6 hours ago
on hold: jeno ace kit 19 jeno ar selca jeno arclip renjun cafe+hello jm boring+ clip

Uncle Duke

about 6 hours ago
#nowplaying on The Mad Music Asylum: Hold On Hold Out by Jackson Browne Listen Live at https://t.co/Cb5jHBTBQchttps://t.co/5dQMlCCD8L


about 8 hours ago
Don't hold your breath, but maybe--just maybe--i will finally have a setup for streaming and whatnot this month. I… https://t.co/ZSiBqXRzWH

Noor Alam

@makemytripcare @makemytrip
about 8 hours ago
@makemytripcare @makemytrip The trust I had on the company has been shattered. Even if I call customer care I am… https://t.co/PVkRwfH4Rq

Classic Hits Radio

about 8 hours ago
#chr3 Best rock pop dance music Now on HOLD THE LINE - TOTO on https://t.co/Kvq4QHwEdX https://t.co/ZHmccOOSO0

crying somewhere, to something

about 8 hours ago
time for my appointment! and by that i mean i'm crying in the burger king drive-thru to on hold music rn

Greg / Kojack

about 8 hours ago
Damn it, don't tease people sitting on hold. The hold music suddenly stops and a voice comes on. Nope, just an ad f… https://t.co/sJTb9KFs3V

Mercy P. Eyo

about 8 hours ago
RT @urchilla01: ASUU has been on strike for 4 months now. Students have been at home, their lives on hold. The strike does not care about…

Marcus Wong 黃子穎(he/him /佢)

about 8 hours ago
Got followed and almost shot today coming home from dinner, called 911 and they put me on hold 🥲 luckily got away b… https://t.co/xpMkKJvArc

Captain Jack

about 8 hours ago
RT @urchilla01: ASUU has been on strike for 4 months now. Students have been at home, their lives on hold. The strike does not care about…

Sarah Bol

about 9 hours ago
@BOQ I’ve been trying for days to get in touch as I’m locked out of my app - but after 1hr 45 yesterday on hold & 4… https://t.co/2Nq2PmS3OU


about 10 hours ago
@SethBurn We’re going to Montreal for a convention. I’m calling the airline right now but still on hold lol. I hea… https://t.co/iHj8rKnsPY

Marvelo mavo

about 10 hours ago
@aprettydai She put her on hold and had the elevator music playing 😂😂😂 https://t.co/6QTcXTaf3M

Allison Glover

about 10 hours ago
@AAAColorado we are stranded in a bad section of the interstate shoulder. We were told a tow would be here by now.… https://t.co/oCifJnlDd8

Henry Cavill's CGI mustache

@CONEY @AirCanada
about 12 hours ago
@CONEY @AirCanada I fucking hate Air Canada. Last time I needed to reschedule a flight for a later date and the web… https://t.co/LgsGETouTT


about 12 hours ago
dem teams put dey futures on hold bad i needa see some typa crazy success https://t.co/iY0Mq46rta

Silvic (Blirtzic)

about 13 hours ago
The music GRIND will have to be put on hold. I have no internet.

cullen; B·L·M

about 13 hours ago
❗️LIVE @ https://t.co/XCRVNwRsp4❗️ I haven't played vagrant story for like a month and I want to make progress on t… https://t.co/1ecCRmR2qm


about 14 hours ago
RT @urchilla01: ASUU has been on strike for 4 months now. Students have been at home, their lives on hold. The strike does not care about…

Jimbly X. Hoosgow

about 14 hours ago
I was on hold with the IRS long enough to complete my annual InfoSec training, do a full run of Hades (Bow/Aphrodit… https://t.co/dSTvvwSky7

Midy (RP: Emily Lonale/Victor Beck/Tommy Polare)

@ZamusGem @DemonRobby
about 14 hours ago
@ZamusGem @DemonRobby Yeah and the thing is (and I said it at the start when the thefts started getting bad) the Po… https://t.co/2il2Ff93CW

2016 adam duke

about 15 hours ago
why does the music they play on customer service when they put you on hold go so hard


about 15 hours ago
Disneyland has the best on hold music


about 15 hours ago
I've been on hold almost 2 hours just to add bags that I can't add on the @Allegiant website or app! This is ridicu… https://t.co/HVCZqFvYUR

Big Los

about 15 hours ago
@ADT Your customer service is ridiculous!! I have been on hold over 20 minutes three times (over 60 total) on 2 cal… https://t.co/xTfWmPEQ6m


about 15 hours ago
MagicJack TOTALLY BLOWS! All I want to do is update my credit card info and it keeps my Old info and Not allowing m… https://t.co/iwGTC6CJzv

Felicia Valentina

about 15 hours ago
@Optum_Support Ever since my Doctor joined Optum, I wait on hold for 15 minutes or more to speak with staff. Invoic… https://t.co/QQoQhIJCpK

faiza 🦄

about 15 hours ago
RT @hunnylij: never thought I’d live to see the day that I have to sit on hold after arguing w my electric company for double charging me,…

Luck 《 PNGtuber / Vtuber 》

about 15 hours ago
Man I hate being stupid sometimes. Apparently my degree was on hold because I didn't realize there was a diploma fe… https://t.co/HzaIGzAXzz

🤫 📸

about 15 hours ago
After 90 minutes on hold @SunCountryAir still don't know where my bag is. Only a 400$ light in it and all my clothe… https://t.co/BWLprrRMd7

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