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Thomas Moore 🏳️‍🌈

about 5 minutes ago
@IKEAUKSupport Amy, could you please check our DM chat and look into why my delivery is not yet with me? It was sup…


about 6 minutes ago
@deeds_sonny Yes I sure whole life has been totally put on hold for the past five years and I now know I ca…

Ekatarina Sayanova 🍑

@LaserShip @LaserShipAssist
about 43 minutes ago
@LaserShip @LaserShipAssist 40 minutes on hold and counting... And you state your hours on Saturday begin at 8 a.m…


about 58 minutes ago
MY EXAMS ARE DONE SO MY SEM IS DONE AAAAAA time to catch up on reading, making music, and everything else i've put…


about 1 hours ago
god too bad i put that sunmi album for someone on hold until like january i need that money rn

autopoesis and praxis 🇹🇹

about 1 hours ago
@zra_research It is so time and energy consuming. The time spent on hold or waiting, the energy spent on maintainin…


about 1 hours ago
I’m on hold with @target right now and Enrique Iglesias “Bailamos” is playing as the hold music. I really appreciat…

👉✭KEEPIN IT 100✭👈

@ADRIAN_KAL_EL @dallascowboys
about 1 hours ago
@ADRIAN_KAL_EL @dallascowboys Funny you say that. I've taken that stand this season. Vikings game was the first gam…

Sonya Hayden

about 1 hours ago
@Barclays I've been on hold for 30 minutes to speak to someone; the wait times are never usually this bad. Can you please advise?

bangtan lyric bot

about 1 hours ago
(what!) Hold on, hold on, turn off the music for a second Why? Hyung, this isn’t it, hyung What?

Sharen Kalirai

about 1 hours ago
@virginmedia such bad service! Just put on hold again with no explanation! Honestly can't believe this level of service


about 1 hours ago
@SwarovskiUK customer service is awful!! On hold for over 20 minutes with no answer, you email and get told you’d g…

🎀 Emaan 🎀

about 1 hours ago
Silence does not erase an act that causes pain. It merely puts on hold the inevitability of that silence snowballin…


@Prinny4Smash @MagolorForSmash
about 1 hours ago
@Prinny4Smash @MagolorForSmash I hate to keep saying this because I want Heavy, I really do. But valve only *just*…


@RoyalMail @RoyalMailHelp
about 1 hours ago
@RoyalMail @RoyalMailHelp Why treat your customers so awful spent 3 days on hold for at least an hour each day to y…

jean stack

about 1 hours ago
@amazon I know the weather has been bad. But fedex can’t tell me when my moms chair will be here. And USPS said the…


about 1 hours ago
Ever wondered why most artistes just drop out of school to pursue their music career?or put it on hold to come and…

Eileen Reid

about 2 hours ago
Any classical music fans out there I can thoroughly recommend @CollectPlus customer service line 08452709888 a char…


about 3 hours ago
Shocked at how bad @jlandpcustserv is. My order is missing, I’ve tried live chats at least 10 times&been told every…

VEOMaximalist [qTrade Whale]

about 3 hours ago
@walter_wyckoff It's not just about retail losing money but letting scammers on hold of large amount of capital is…

Chelsea Fleetwood

@bubuphatnozuko @CityPowerJhb
about 3 hours ago
@bubuphatnozuko @CityPowerJhb Also tried calling and no answer. Wtf Is with that on hold music btw 😑


@ColoredSpirit @UPSHelp
about 3 hours ago
@ColoredSpirit @UPSHelp It’s awful. I was on hold for hours. Until someone finally answered at 7:01 and said since…


@Ofdinosanddais1 @DianaCejasMD
about 4 hours ago
@Ofdinosanddais1 @DianaCejasMD like yes i totally love being bored out of my mind and having my life put on hold fo…

Jill Francis

about 4 hours ago
@RoyalMail I’ve been on hold now for 38 minutes listening to the most brain numbingly music ever. In this time I’ve…

Martin Smith

about 4 hours ago
Good morning @baxiboilers I've been on hold for almost an hour to try and sort a warranty call out..... at least yo…


about 4 hours ago
@AskPlayStation Hey I am trying to recover an account for a year now, and I forgot I used a different birthday so I…


about 5 hours ago
The fact that Frank Ocean is hold music for Builders Warehouse is the only reason I've not lost my shit after being…


@bryan85417456 @royceyoung
about 6 hours ago
@bryan85417456 @royceyoung Hold on... hold on. I'm legit confused. Are you actually mad that players don't hate eac…

J.Coop 🇧🇸 (God Level)

about 6 hours ago
@CashApp $JobCooper putting my music on hold to take care of my mom w/ dementia. A covert narcissist that sabotaged…

Dacio Demo

about 7 hours ago
I hate this shit. I don’t like the idea of wasting another two years of my life. Niggas want me to put my life on h…

Mary Winkler🐩🐱🐾

about 7 hours ago
@caramoulds Three of my credit cards kept getting rejected....nothing wrong with them. I was on hold for 40 minutes…

Anna Zaremba

about 7 hours ago
@jennylsq I have commented on hold music to offices before. They conclude precisely what you intimate here.

shialent night ♥

about 7 hours ago
my mental health is so bad.. a lady yelled at me on the phone at work today bc i had a line of people and she was o…

simp bizkit

about 8 hours ago
the hans zimmer sample on hold you now might be my fav single segment of music this year


about 8 hours ago
@FieldGradeLDR The assibilate who puts their conference call on hold so the rest of us have to talk through the def…


about 8 hours ago
Hey @AklCouncil - cnr Kiwi and Wakatipu dumped office chair and broken beer bottles... I’ve been on hold for 28 min…

DG⭐Commissions OPEN⭐

about 8 hours ago
@RedbubbleHelp Excuse me but your customer Service is AWFUL and I'm incredibly dissatisfied. You guys ruined my art…

Creative Adventure

about 10 hours ago
@UPSHelp Are you gonna just ignore my request been on hold for 2.5 hours really bad customer service


about 10 hours ago
This is still a thing, for those wondering what's become of this project (which is few, I know 😅) Still doing back…

Rowan M

@lau56 @abritinva
about 10 hours ago
@lau56 @abritinva Actually I kind of think it would be better to wait until after Christmas. I mean everyone knows…

Red T Raccoon

about 10 hours ago
You can't let it be bad all the time. You still need to make sure you enjoy doing the things you love with the peo…

Manfred Yao

about 10 hours ago
@Lil_Nicki_Gh She say she dey go marry do music is on hold.

Lady Kelly

about 11 hours ago
@EsotericExposal Is that why I hear this music in elevators and when I’m on hold now?


about 11 hours ago
I hate when I gotta take work home. Still on hold....


about 11 hours ago
(Prefacing this by saying I’m safe, just a bit depressed and needing someone to talk to) I’m...for the life of me…

kthorton Patriot for #Cult45 rally in San Diego

@always_on_hold @Blue2Reaganite @pvtjokerus
about 11 hours ago
@always_on_hold @Blue2Reaganite @pvtjokerus This song and Eurythmics "Sweet Dreams" most over played songs of ~1983…

brittany bogard

about 11 hours ago
@DIRECTV customer services is awful. Waited on hold for 50 minutes during which we signed up for xfinity


about 12 hours ago
Right now Disney hold music is holiday music and I wish I didn’t have my guest on hold this long but at least the music is great

❄️ Diana ❄️

about 12 hours ago
[Into the Unknown- Solji Cover plays in my head like “on hold” music]

Woody & Jim

@NashtrillPromo @1075theriver
about 12 hours ago
@NashtrillPromo @1075theriver Don't know what happened there. We don't have music on hold, so... 🤷🏽‍♂️

Congxing Cai

about 12 hours ago
I shouldn’t blame them for wasting me so much time, given most of that time I was on hold, listening to their music…


about 13 hours ago
@USCCB Fulton sheens beatification on hold because he's a reminder to the bishops Howoff track they are. Millions o…


@FedExHelp @FedEx
about 13 hours ago
@FedExHelp this is why I hate @FedEx so damn much. Went from being delivered at end of day today to just this. Ju…

Lisa Sculnick

about 13 hours ago
Supreme Court keeps federal executions on hold #SmartNews Are we really living in this trump world of hate and horr…

♫ Jean~Marc Giffin ♣

about 13 hours ago
I called a hotel in Japan to ask them a question. They had to put me on hold. The hold music was an 8-bit chiptunes…

Sir Smokes a lot

about 13 hours ago
Hate Verizon customers have been transferred 5 time been on the phone with them for about hour on hold

Alex Hall🦮

about 14 hours ago
I'm sitting here on hold with Verizon. It's been a while. I'm plucking on the acoustic to accompany the hold music.…

German Rivera III

about 14 hours ago
So just FYI if you pick the wrong payment method on the @ATT app and you’re past due, you’re gonna have a bad time.…


about 15 hours ago
this on hold music yaas

Lance Warwick

about 15 hours ago
@KLMCanada worst travel experience ever, made us stand in baggage line with no info for 2+ hours, only to tell us t…

Ian Hay

about 15 hours ago
@AmazonHelp - please reach out to me I am stuck on hold and the phone music just stopped... #EpicFail #CustomerService

Brian Steward

about 15 hours ago
On hold with Barney's looking for an order... Their hold music is the most basic canned 80's synth crap I've ever h…

Good King Whitneyslas

about 15 hours ago
on hold on a customer service call and the hold music is some real quest for glory shit

Tiffany S. Day

about 15 hours ago
@VZWSupport Officially been over 3 hours now. I just want to ADD A LINE! Are your reps purposely putting ppl on hol…

about 15 hours ago
I’m one the phone with apple and they had me on hold and literally asked me what kind of music I wanted to listen to while on hold 🤨

about 15 hours ago
@whispercyj streaming is not just on youtube tho im not gonna put my life on hold for streams but doesnt stop anyon…

. ♡ beth

about 15 hours ago
I was putting things such as work and friendships/relationships on hold, just to run my fanbase. Yes, there were SO…

Valerie Marcott

@BlondieInTX @BizkitRespecter
about 15 hours ago
@BlondieInTX @BizkitRespecter This was me on hold with Apple support this week. I selected option 4 which is no mu…


about 15 hours ago
gosh i hate complaining to customer service workers so much😭 i was just on hold to be transferred to a manager bc d…

Parker 🌻

about 16 hours ago
LSAC is really about to keep me on hold until they close. I’ve been on hold for almost an hour and they close at 6. I hate it here. 😩😤

岸辺 露伴.

about 16 hours ago
hearing pop music when you're on hold is actually the worst


about 16 hours ago
can y’all stop playing classical music when we’re on hold? i wanna listen to Kehlani

professional viber

about 16 hours ago
threads on hold becuase im bored AGAIN

Businets INC

about 16 hours ago
Why should you choose #VoIP for your #Business? VoIP provides small and medium-sized businesses with advanced featu…


about 16 hours ago
the same amount of hype abt gym challenge n becoming champion,,, n hop waited for them to be able to go out to go o…


about 16 hours ago
I hate being on hold on my uncle I’m bout to treat tf up outta these people


about 16 hours ago
Im on hold tryna get social security it national social security winder where that is there music is chinese be bet…


about 16 hours ago
I’m over here tweeting sitting in my bed with the sun beaming on me 🌞on speaker phone and I forgot I’m even on hold…

𝐹𝒶𝒷𝒾𝑜𝓁𝒶 𝐿𝒾𝓏𝑒𝓉 𝑀𝑒𝓃𝒹𝑜𝓏𝒶 🥀

about 16 hours ago
I’m on hold and they have Christmas music on 😭 annoying tbh


about 16 hours ago
is there a psychological reason businesses force us to listen to aggressively repetitive and bland elevator music w…

Mariceilly Martinez

about 17 hours ago
Why is it so hard to change an address on a order from @FashionNovaHelp been on hold for like an hour and the cust…

Kate Concannon

about 17 hours ago
Update: I'm talking with a representative, who just put me on hold again. The music this time is something out of a…

Elle Marie

about 17 hours ago
@ATT leaves u on hold forEVER with the hopes that you'll hang up. Its been 1 hr...Im not Nancy I HATE THIS COMPANY

Phillip Uptain

@WhiteHouse @SenateGOP
about 17 hours ago
@WhiteHouse @SenateGOP What exciting numbers, P.S. To the White House Switchboard; If Trudeau, Johnson or Macron ca…

Eric Clark

about 17 hours ago
$TWLO wants to sooo bad, Im on hold watching but its a want for me with some confirmation


about 17 hours ago
Omg I hate being on hold

Emily X. Gore

about 17 hours ago
You’ve officially been on hold for TOO long if the music goes from 80s pop rock to Mellow & somewhat depressing melodies 🥱 #holding #belike

Alex Ortega

about 17 hours ago
I hate braggers... like stfu bitch, you passed a test where you can practice medical assistant jobs but can’t keep…

Ellen-Louise Faulkner

about 17 hours ago
Is there anything worse than mediocre pop hold music? Been on hold for nearly 10 minutes and its driving me insane.

🎃Cosplay Queen🎃

about 18 hours ago
Ha...HAHAHAHA. And one of my credit cards got sent back. I called and they had me on hold. Then straight up put me…


@SevenBravo7 @AOC @Heritage
about 18 hours ago
@SevenBravo7 @AOC @Heritage You are not a serious person and I'd rather wait on hold all day listening to elevator…

Kate Concannon

about 18 hours ago
If you're going to falsely deliver my package, at least don't play annoying music on a loop when I'm on hold for 45 minutes. #TheMoreYouKnow

Great Paradoxaclese

about 18 hours ago
@JoParkerBear Music sounds better coming from literal outer space than on hold.

James Brotherhood

@brittboone94 @AirCanada @cbcnewsbc @GlobalBC @VancouverSun @TorontoStar
about 18 hours ago
@brittboone94 @AirCanada @cbcnewsbc @GlobalBC @VancouverSun @TorontoStar Can you help figure out why AC is so aw…

Chuck Smith

about 18 hours ago
I am so extremely disappointed in the customer service so far at @TheYankeeCandle ordered 6 candles. 5 are damaged.…

the real Trumplican Party must cease & desist

about 18 hours ago
@LuciaRendn4 Got a nice beat unlike the "put me to sleep" music on hold we are familiar with.

sharon hesselton

about 18 hours ago
@MrDiddy85 I think the whole world 🌎 is on hold.. Good evening Philip 🥃🍷I know it’s easier said then done but cheer…

the real Trumplican Party must cease & desist

about 18 hours ago
Called and it was a recording "Thanks for calling the impeachment line. We apologize but there are millions of cal…

the real Trumplican Party must cease & desist

about 18 hours ago
@LuciaRendn4 Called and it was a recording "Thanks for calling the impeachment line. We apologize but there are mi…


about 18 hours ago
as if being on hold with the government about my loans isn't bad enough, they are playing COUNTRY MUSIC

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