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Jimmy Keating

about 10 minutes ago
VAN PELT ON HOLD play elevator music before they elevate you

Sean Christensen

about 39 minutes ago
@HealthNet pulls this crap too . and then you get to call them 4 different times, getting put on hold on and off fo…

Banned from all the right places

about 58 minutes ago
I hate the World Series because it puts new episodes of The Masked Singer on hold.


about 1 hours ago
on hold music makes me want to scream

D.P. Dough

about 1 hours ago
If it makes you feel better, we hate to say it, too. Should we program some Kenny G to play while you’re on hold?

Mitan Katharotiya

@flipkartsupport @Flipkart @jagograhakjago @amazon
about 1 hours ago
@flipkartsupport @Flipkart @jagograhakjago @amazon the delivery date was 5 october. You made us on hold since then…

The Not Late Kanye Brain Last

@70_dork @EJarnes
about 1 hours ago
@70_dork @EJarnes Hold on! Hold on. That incel is just upset that no one listened to his awful game show podcast an…

rian 🏳️‍🌈

about 2 hours ago

James Caruana

about 2 hours ago
It’s criminal how many places have the same on hold music as Curtin Got PTSD from it the amount of hours was on hold there in the past

Arthur B Mandy

about 2 hours ago
@EA_KRAELO @EASPORTS_MUT Bruh I gotta work all weekend I'm supposed to put my life on hold for a video who can't ge…


@PlayerEssence @RGT_85
about 2 hours ago
@PlayerEssence @RGT_85 As much as I’m loving Dragon Quest and I really want to try out The Witcher, but everything…


@optimum @OptimumHelp
about 3 hours ago
@optimum @OptimumHelp I reinstalled Twitter just to tell you your service is awful. I've been on hold for 57 minute…

BPD Technologies

about 4 hours ago
Do you struggle with keeping customers on the line, while transferring them to another department or representative…

Hoop Support

@NobleRot @GetSpectrum @NobleRot
about 4 hours ago
@NobleRot @GetSpectrum Hey @NobleRot, your ears must be ringing from the hold music. If you submit your case at…

Harry Phillips

about 4 hours ago
@VZWSupport On hold now for over 30 minutes. At least the music is soothing. I hope I am not in some dark and forgo…

Steven Brumer

about 5 hours ago
I would have thought #SiriusXM would have better on hold music.

Noel Romey

about 5 hours ago
Being on hold with annoying and repetitive hold music while having a migraine and having to be on hold to schedule…


about 5 hours ago
I hate being on hold.. it's so boring


about 5 hours ago
@CNNPolitics BALONEY! Ukraine was unaware any aid was on hold! What crap you’re able to come up with !

Evan N

about 5 hours ago
@WageWorks You say that you have 24/7 call support, but I have been on hold for over 5 minutes, without any rington…


about 5 hours ago
music work is kinda on hold rn, my current desktop has been having hard drive issues that i need to check out


about 5 hours ago
i'm on hold with my psychiatrist's office and the hold music is. kokomo by the beach boys ???? im astral projecting


about 5 hours ago
i'm on hold with my psychiatrist and the hold music is. kokomo


about 5 hours ago
Being on hold when I’m tryna handle bidness really pisses me off. especially when the hold music is annoying af


about 6 hours ago
.@VZWSupport While on hold with CS for 20 min to fix a problem I've fixed 2x before, I decided that I no longer wa…

#TeamBrissett 🏈🏈 🔥🔥

@TMobile @ATT
about 6 hours ago
@TMobile is fucking trash!!! I have been on hold for 20 minutes. The hold music is worse than their service. @ATT would never


@IDreamOfNinja @LauraSinclairMc @geralds1 @penguinforsale @CYaL8RAllieG8R @The_Lock_God @Ishikawa_Sachi
about 6 hours ago
@IDreamOfNinja @LauraSinclairMc @geralds1 @penguinforsale @CYaL8RAllieG8R @The_Lock_God @Ishikawa_Sachi…

Sam Shiffer

about 6 hours ago
@PeterKnetter The music that plays when you're calling customer service and they put you on hold.

Kelly Diamond

about 7 hours ago
I'm on hold with my doctor's office and I just wonder how people decide what hold music is appropriate for a gynecological practice


@PGN_Demon @CCG_RTs @GamingRTweeters @SGH_RTs @mofchitman08
about 7 hours ago
@PGN_Demon @CCG_RTs @GamingRTweeters @SGH_RTs @mofchitman08 🤣 I try, thank you though man I do try and keep up the…

Luna 🌙 Little Moon

about 7 hours ago
Some music put time on hold for a short moment and it makes life sweeter and full. Embrace those moments.

Dara Conner

about 7 hours ago
@HotTopic just an FYI when you call and are put on hold the music is blasting.


about 7 hours ago
I love how our Help Desk on hold music sounds like the #DowntonAbbey theme song...


about 7 hours ago
im on hold with the bank and they had this like cool spy like music playing and then the cellos started and it got…

soccer mom

about 8 hours ago
The music GameStop plays while you’re on hold will be stuck in my head forever


about 8 hours ago
@SuddenlinkHelp service has been out since last night, 60 min on hold and there's no outage reported on the website…

Lucy Steigerwald

about 8 hours ago
The majority of on hold music I played on the viola, I'm pretty sure.

mr. keef

about 8 hours ago
just clocked back in from lunch n realized I left someone on hold like 2 hours ago. being bad at my job to own the conservatives 💅🏼

Sergio Banda

about 8 hours ago
Dear all companies ever, No one likes the music that you play when you put people on hold. Thank you.


about 8 hours ago
Apple put me on hold and the hold music is Iggy Azalea. I was already mad and now I’m over the edge.


about 8 hours ago
What is it with places pausing the music constantly when leaving you on hold it literally always gets my hopes up


@jabiav @Kikilyntin @Chime @ChuckRichardso2 @XKinghotshoTX @reesee
about 8 hours ago
@jabiav @Kikilyntin @Chime @ChuckRichardso2 @XKinghotshoTX @reesee I finally got through. On hold with waiting musi…

☽ D[em]on

about 8 hours ago
Gets a call back after waiting an hour "Oh sorry, I will have to transfer you to a different department for that. P…


about 8 hours ago
I hate being on hold with customer service and they play them stupid ass instrumentals 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️


@geo_meda @andrew_neal7
about 8 hours ago
@geo_meda @andrew_neal7 Today's drop was worthy. Putting all expansion on hold is a bad idea. They have 8 territory…


about 9 hours ago
@cvspharmacy 1320 Parkway Ave, Ewing Township, NJ 08628 According to the retail part they are understaffed and I j…

Surf like Tsunami

about 9 hours ago
Hate when I’m at work and ppl give me an ultimatum. Now u sittin on hold till I get tired

Gil B

about 9 hours ago
Had to put #ScaryMovieMonth on hold because work was becoming overwhelming. Bad news: This led to me crashing out a…


about 9 hours ago
I’m on hold with apple and they gave me the option to pick the type of music I want to listen to😂 Press 1 for jazz 😂

Delta Vuk

about 9 hours ago
I hate that moment of "oh no, I have a ton of things to do over the next couple weeks. Time to put all my plans on…

Service Nightmares

about 9 hours ago
@Zipcar I was also charge for a membership that I never initiated and when I asked for a refund, the woman that I s…


about 9 hours ago
I really hate being put on hold I hangs right up

chip skylark 🖤

about 9 hours ago
I hate being on hold 🙄

Donald Reid

about 9 hours ago
@madedotcom It’s such a shocker how bad your customer service is! I received a desk that was cracked and despite 4…

John Fitzgerald

about 9 hours ago
@webdotcom is one of the worst companies I have ever dealt with. Not helpful unlessyou spend more money. Except to…

about 9 hours ago
on hold with the neuropsychology center, listening to the christian gospel music, just pure vibing out

John Kearney

about 9 hours ago
Currently been on hold for 20 minutes, listening to crap instrumentals of coldplay, FFS change your on hold music,…

Maxine Marie

about 9 hours ago
@fuseboxgames I'm putting my music career on hold and traveling Europe with Lucas on his motorcycle. It was nice…


@cvspharmacy @cvspharmacy
about 9 hours ago
@cvspharmacy @cvspharmacy i'm up to 28 minutes on hold, do you want to compensate me for the time i spend waiting f…

Kay Verity

about 10 hours ago
Happiness is on hold. Waiting for AAA. Trying to get to San Diego to see the @jonasbrothers. Why is it every time I…


about 10 hours ago
omg im on company wide conf. call and put the phone on hold and everyone nationwide heard the music playing and I j…


about 10 hours ago
It’s 2019 have we not moved beyond the Jazz playing Muzak music on Government phone lines and Blue cross too ,so an…


@Entergy @EntergyNOLA
about 10 hours ago
@Entergy @EntergyNOLA I was on hold for 1 hour and 9 minutes only to have a supervisor pick up the phone and hang i…

Rob Hoffman

about 10 hours ago
the conference call hold music sounds like an ambient Thom Yorke song and i can't help but picture him sitting on h…


about 10 hours ago
paul harris literally put on hold music for me while he went to go talk to his brother & idk how i feel abt that


about 10 hours ago
I’m put on hold and they put fucking classical music like that’s not gonna piss me off even more


@RonaldVanaman @ACR_POKER
about 10 hours ago
@RonaldVanaman @ACR_POKER I just know I was finally deep last night with a huge stack after an hour and this crap h…

Jakob Jünger

@luca @meinungfuehrer @Jorgo47 @SocSciOne @facebook @Google @pbjost @wahl_beobachter @jasonbaumgartne
about 10 hours ago
@luca @meinungfuehrer @Jorgo47 @SocSciOne @facebook @Google @pbjost @wahl_beobachter @jasonbaumgartne…

LL Cool B

about 11 hours ago
@ClueHeywood The Arizona Sonora Desert Museum has native birds as the hold music. It actually makes it so you don't…


about 11 hours ago
I've just been on hold to the child maintenance service for 30 minutes. Can we use some of the money from Brexit…

🌹Yasmin Ayala👑

about 11 hours ago
I'm no content creator professionally but I put all my hard work and dedication to this and this is the crap I get?…

David the Humanist

about 11 hours ago
Dear @BandQ it might be helpful to quantify what you consider “shortly”. Also, if I’m going to be on hold for nearl…

𝕞𝕒𝕞𝕒 𝕔𝕠𝕣𝕒𝕝𓃰

about 11 hours ago
On hold with insurance... Puts phone to belly so Braelynn can hear the classical music... IMMEDIATELY starts to mo…

Lawrence Wilson

about 11 hours ago
@VodafoneUK . Tried to call you 4 times today and tried yr webchat frequently. Nobody ever available. Awful service…


about 11 hours ago
@bandq_help waited in all day for delivery, turns up with 5 of 12 items, I've refused delivery, on hold for 33 mins…

Rachael Patey 🦄

about 11 hours ago
@IKEAUK been on hold for 25 mins so far. Absolutely awful customer service!!!!!

Sam Reffold

about 11 hours ago
Been on hold with @DukeHealth for 15 minutes and I’m pretty sure this music will haunt me in my dreams

Samantha Marie

about 11 hours ago
I'm starting to hate @Apple customer service. Last month they charged me for the iPhone even tho I purchased it fro…


about 11 hours ago
I hate being put on hold

katie ❣️

about 12 hours ago
I hate being on hold. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Colleen Harrison

about 12 hours ago
I just don’t know how to explain how much I hate the country “I’m on hold” song.


about 12 hours ago
Would you like your commercial telecoms system to have the ability to put calls on hold with optional call music? H…

danyelle franco

@PaulCor81391123 @GraycePresleigh @DamianSevant @Chime
about 12 hours ago
@PaulCor81391123 @GraycePresleigh @DamianSevant @Chime This is crap I’m on hold now this is the first time the phon…

Emma Liddiard

about 12 hours ago
@DandG_UK on hold for 50 mins and counting trying to speak to resolutions team. Awful service!

Don Stenberg

about 12 hours ago
@elonmusk I'm on hold for Tesla and the music is ok, but it would be epic if they played "RIP Harambe"!

Gary Tichansky

about 12 hours ago
I can make music anywhere... blew off multiple producers in Nashville lately... putting my move there on hold has…

haunted erin 🥀 9 // 29 // 36 // 63

about 12 hours ago


about 12 hours ago
ive decided to put stanning on hold til further notice i'll stop loving tlsp's music over my cold dead body though

Brianna Janae

about 13 hours ago
Aflac is lit af for their music while waiting lol not I’m sitting here singing “Love TKO” and forgot its cus I’m on hold 🤦🏽‍♀️😂😂😂

Satans Thong

about 13 hours ago
8 minutes on hold to @RoyalMail to make a complaint about their lazy postperson and as the music stops, phone rings…

Dave Clark

@Admiral_Siege @YouTube @rianjohnson
about 13 hours ago
@Admiral_Siege @YouTube @rianjohnson 16/38 Now then, lets look at why The Last Jedi was a bad movie. Firstly, there…


about 13 hours ago
I hate being put on hold...

Natalie Gunther

about 13 hours ago
.@amazon your customer service absolutely sucks! My deliveries are regularly delayed & support chat was awful - we…

emma 🎃

about 13 hours ago
i’m on hold with my doctors office rn and they’re playing this fun elevator music 😂😂


about 13 hours ago
Lord I hate when someone calls me then puts me on hold. 🙄

September 😘

about 13 hours ago
I hate when these carriers put me on hold 😩 it’s cool though let me get back to my show while I wait

Alison Dreith

about 13 hours ago
I'm on hold with a security company, and the hold "music" is a recorded standup special of Jerry Seinfeld


about 13 hours ago
@LastGameISwear Thanks brother I appreciate these words, I try to be honest and real. Good luck on life and getting…

Josh, Rave Lord (79%)➡️ Eptic ➡️ ATLiens ➡️ Hijinx

about 14 hours ago
I've been on hold with capital one for a while now and I've learned their wait music loops just over 6 times in a row.

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