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Elizabeth Warren's Capitalist Bones

@secretmars @FuriousFrank @feraljokes @WajahatAli @jonfavs
about 1 hours ago
@secretmars @FuriousFrank @feraljokes @WajahatAli @jonfavs Eh, Bernie literally has an army of volunteers willing t…


@VodafoneAU @SamAlejandroB
about 2 hours ago
@VodafoneAU @SamAlejandroB i’ll open complaint tomorrow. couldn’t be fckd staying on hold any longer, oh and your hold music scks

Jennifer Hutchison

about 2 hours ago
Snowy Hydro is a bad deal for taxpayers and must be put on hold | Bruce Mountain for the Conversation


about 3 hours ago
Looks like we are paying for a lemon. Snowy Hydro is a bad deal for taxpayers and must be put on hold | Australia n…

⚡️Bula naboo

about 4 hours ago
@BTCWeatherman I wanna make an app that plays music from your playlists when your on hold, instead of some bologna


about 4 hours ago
hehe, computer productor sleep-tip: put a, project on hold even if is too do it now! get a clear sound and if over…

Sam Robinson

about 5 hours ago
@LongLiveDOM Well I guess they were on hold with Comcast for 40 mins to get the fight on so they were kinda freakin…

bts ⁷ in orlando

about 5 hours ago
who in bts ? - first caught your attention: namjoon - first bias: namjoon - current bias: jungkook - bias wrecker…


about 5 hours ago
i want help you so mf bad ill put my life on hold for you

Steven 🏳️‍🌈

about 5 hours ago
@HollyLMckenna This is true. The key to hold music is not having to pay PRS fees. True hell, however, is spending 2…

𝘢𝘷𝘦𝘳𝘺™ @ gimmexgimme

about 7 hours ago
tbh im gonna put free on hold so i can start given. almost fell asleep last night watching it so i figured that it…


about 7 hours ago
me: omg I’m so bored my room: a mess assignments: due life goals: on hold me: oh my god dude I’m SO bored


about 8 hours ago
The music stuff has been on hold / delayed due to stores not accepting my work. I would like to have that sorted be…


about 8 hours ago
@Geeky_Mika Like Kai being dead doesn’t help the girls’ development. Also, Clarke was such a great set up and I enj…


about 8 hours ago
I hate when people who have BTC put me on hold son!

Lauren Greer

about 8 hours ago
@OptimumHelp why isn't my internet working ? Been on hold 30 mins. You raised my bill by $15 and still shitty service. I hate this company.

Music World Media 🎶🎭🎹🎻📸

about 8 hours ago
Tool put life as we know it on hold via @theage

phoebe? ew.

about 9 hours ago
@LilNasX this honestly probably isn’t funny to anyone but someone put the phone my school uses for announcements on…

The Age EG

@RodLaverArena @Tool @theage
about 9 hours ago
#Tool put life as we know it on hold @RodLaverArena @Tool #FearInoculum #Melbourne via @theage

Fuck the Lakers.

about 9 hours ago
@LightskinKai Oh ok wrong person thats my bad! Nah I gotta put all my tv shows on hold because I can’t focus on bot…


about 9 hours ago
Music will be on hold for a while until i find me a new spot to live.

J.Yun (Jai Yunae)

about 9 hours ago
@BankoftheWest I hate this bank! I just opened my account and am closing it on Monday. My debit card doesn't work a…

Tim Noonan

about 9 hours ago
@dwoodbridge Mm, so how do you make the call volume louder or softer? Like when on hold and the music is twice as loud as the agent?

juniper vessel of goddess of love and comfort

about 9 hours ago
😺✏ — i listened 2 her music!! and i really like on hold ~~ thank u for the recommendation!!! feel free 2 send some…

Miss T

about 10 hours ago
#YR Noah asks if everything is all right. He really thinks Noah should go back, don't put his career on hold. Noa…

Jordan Palk

@mkobach @Qantas
about 10 hours ago
@mkobach Totally! When I was on hold to @Qantas for 90 minutes listening to inane music while sat in departures. I…

Zaheer Raja

about 10 hours ago
So many franchises have been rebooted or continued. Bad Boys, Bill & Ted, Top Gun, Avatar AND EVEN "The Matrix" Bu…

Peter Fugazzotto

about 10 hours ago
Put the wrong Parasite movie on hold at library. But hey a giant parasite terrorizing people can’t be all bad, right?

Idle: Getting Milk

about 11 hours ago

beans 🏳️‍⚧️🍼

about 11 hours ago
is it a bad sign if my gf is putting kissing on hold for a while


about 11 hours ago
Unfortunately due to some really bad neck pain stream will be on hold please forgive me.


@Emmasc0 @TombRaidering @GamesRadar
about 11 hours ago
@Emmasc0 @TombRaidering @GamesRadar Good news: yes. Bad news: development is on hold...


about 11 hours ago
@davemcclure Hate classpass cancelation policy. It’s like I’m leaving for a few months and they say some shit like…

Tracey Mack

about 12 hours ago
@AidenHatfield I hate it too! Had a great day yesterday. Today, not so much! Fighting it hard though! 3 of the posi…

In other words

@verizon @Disney @Apple
about 12 hours ago
Be aware of @verizon scam company's pushing to sell you unlimited data. Supposedly you get @Disney channel & @Apple…


about 13 hours ago
If you’re gonna keep me on hold this long, at least let me pick the call waiting music 😩


about 13 hours ago
@notyabitch5 I hate to leave ppl on hold sksksksksksks

stained hanes

about 14 hours ago
@WithTheCaswave Not to say make the best out of a bad situation but until you're out and about consider - look up…


about 14 hours ago
15mins on my time spent on hold, if it wasn't for the awesome music I would complain!

ʙʀɪᴅɢᴇᴛ ☆

about 15 hours ago
music is so much fun and easier to do for me than art (in my opinion) just because I'm never really motivated with…


about 15 hours ago
I am in a bad mood. I am on hold on the phone. I am angry at how fucking stupid NV is at conducting its primary w…


about 15 hours ago
Bank of America has crappy customer service. They locked my card and then Michael’s charged me three times. Been on…

Chris Shaffer

about 15 hours ago
Bad take of the day: "We have to put competition regulation on hold because China's rise means the US also needs 'n…

pretty MF

about 15 hours ago
I’m bored the bank has me on hold sooo I’m entertaining it 😂


about 15 hours ago
Grrr i hate when im having fun and my phones about to die -sighs-i must put all dms and fun times on hold until my…

Villeboii 🖤

about 16 hours ago
I'm on the phone and the company put me on hold and their hold music just played some joji Now I'm impatient & in my feelings 😭 😭🤧


about 16 hours ago
Called the shop about my car and got put on hold for almost 10 minutes before they were like “....he’s gonna call u…


@NoToMisogyny @burnsbabe @thisismecw @Baerenside @HeatherEHeying @ewarren
about 16 hours ago
@NoToMisogyny @burnsbabe @thisismecw @Baerenside @HeatherEHeying @ewarren And it’s not just their puberty which is…


about 16 hours ago
100%. I have spoken to some of those students recently (actual friends). It would be a disservice to dismiss them w…

Terisa Siagatonu

about 16 hours ago
I’m on hold with a hotel in D.C. and instead of playing music, someone is on loop reading off facts about the American Revolution 😒


about 16 hours ago
I’ve been on hold with @GetSpectrum for 40 minutes & all I wanna do is disconnect my cable. I hate y’all.

Jack O'Connor

about 17 hours ago
Was on hold with Starbucks and heard some amazing hold music that reminded me of @replyall! Asked the agent if she'…

G.R.I.N. Rescue

about 17 hours ago
Sam - 19220: On Hold! Gender: Male Age: 8 years old My Special Sponsors: Robin Bolash Helen Mittler Debbie Stackhou…


about 17 hours ago
Why do I have to listen to annoying ass elevator music while I’m on hold? Why can’t I just hold in silence?


about 17 hours ago
oh also i disabled my Instagram bc it’s just been a rough few weeks emotionally and just looking out for my mental…


about 17 hours ago
@MinervaDeas Oh man. I only have weaver who is at level 40 and the BTN. I put them on hold for a while, since I hav…


about 17 hours ago
@Gajeni_ Dimplez killed turn up music, by saying it should be put on hold 😂😂😂😂

Damian Ó Laocha

@micheal_debarra @mr_bosley @eir
about 18 hours ago
@micheal_debarra @mr_bosley @eir I can’t get the music we have being listening to while been on hold for 2 days now…

Craig Labadie

about 18 hours ago
@devgru1980mi Yes. It's worse than 3 weeks ago, but not as global if it were a true emergency. Honestly for how b…


about 18 hours ago
In context, this vaj has made so many rappers but their music career on hold. So yes makes sense


about 18 hours ago
Okayyy the @TMobile “on hold” music has some bops

Peggy Ryan

@realDonaldTrump @KellyannePolls @EricTrump @DonaldJTrumpJr
about 18 hours ago
@realDonaldTrump @KellyannePolls @EricTrump @DonaldJTrumpJr How can courts put voter ID 'on hold'? What's illegal a…

Barlos ☕️

about 18 hours ago
I need this on Apple Music please. I will put my feelings on hold. @clintonkane


about 19 hours ago
Currently on hold with @Apple and I’m trying to figure out with quality of your hold “elevator” music is in such low quality.

ᴀʀᴄʜɪᴛᴇᴄᴛ ᴊɪʜᴀɴ⁷

about 19 hours ago
Oh look, it’s another late post. You see I’m not that type of person who procrastinates a lot. Like I do really wa…

Leticia Victoria

about 20 hours ago
I really hate it when all these dramas come out all at once. What am I supposed to do? Put on hold all the dramas I…

Brian Leafe

about 21 hours ago
@michaelpfreeman Of course when a Democrat is President he or she will pull the license of Fox. People buy this ins…


about 22 hours ago
Why can’t the music be this pleasant when I’m on hold with my bank? Relaxing Afternoon JAZZ - Background Instrumen…

Emma louz

about 22 hours ago
So my illness is kicking my bum again today ... not felt this bad in a long while ... the worst of it is the hea…


about 22 hours ago
Hi new followers! I'm EricaSharlette. I'm writing my debut novel which is based on my life, but told from a fictio…

👸𝕙.𝕣.𝕙. 𝕛𝕖𝕗𝕗𝕣𝕖𝕪 𝕝𝕝𝕒𝕞𝕒🤴

@5goalthriller @jenbren1976
about 23 hours ago
@5goalthriller @jenbren1976 Toploaders "tramplin' in the dog shite" was the on hold music for Sainsbury's. I worked…


about 1 days ago
@patient47245143 Hold on, hold on, hold on,. Where was nick harassing her? He was stating his opinions you can't ce…

Kerry Lenihan 🌹

about 1 days ago
@Omar_AVFC Oh gosh can't deal with being on hold for that long with that new hold music. I'll do it online if I can…


about 1 days ago
Cause I don't know what type of people you useless fools are that expect me to put my shit on hold n make your fake…

🚁 Squawk 7600 🚁

about 1 days ago
I thought it might be a bit quicker on a Sat morning, having tried yesterday day to be over an hour on hold; and ye…


about 1 days ago
#131 SPOTIFY PREMIUM tag: jual beli wts wtb netflix private sharing anti on hold garansi viu nord vpn legal coin l…


@hoziersangel @flowers_grow_
about 1 days ago
@hoziersangel @flowers_grow_ You would HATE my attorney’s office, literally every time I get put on hold, it’s been…

Swati Dugar

about 1 days ago
@jposhaughnessy When they ask to stay on hold, I say no thank you. More than time, the reason is that I can't bear…


@airindiain @AirIndiaAI
about 1 days ago
@airindiain @AirIndiaAI I have had many bad experiences with AirIndia but this tops it all, we have been trying to…


about 1 days ago
I put my music on hold , cause I feel like before I was tryna come out on some tough shit , but I don’t wanna come…

local sportscaster/session drummer Boz Millworth

about 1 days ago
using Huntington's on hold music to practice for your jazz aural midterm >>>


about 1 days ago
any time I’m waiting for a text back this instrumental plays in my head like on hold music

Aყaȵe {s-H}

about 1 days ago
{ Replies will be placed on hold for the time being, having a very bad break down again over my beloved angel that…

Rose 🌹

about 1 days ago
I feel so bad for Competitive Halo ;_; The Anaheim tournament has been on hold for almost an hour because @xbox is…


about 1 days ago
why the fuck do they play music when ur on hold like who was like u know whats a good idea? making ppl who are alre…


about 1 days ago
I hate HMSA. These fakas have me on hold for the past 20 minutes

#⃝anthony⁷ ATSD 📌

about 1 days ago
walmart take to long lady put me on hold so she could walk to the music section 😭

adwoa gyimah-brempong

about 1 days ago
on hold with @kcmetrobus' info line trying to report the tragic loss of my new earrings + the hold music is lowkey fire 🔥🔥🔥

Carl Punt

about 1 days ago
So many hard times in this life I know, just crank up the music put this world on hold

The Spice Of Life

about 1 days ago
#growinguphiphop i remember when Eqypt didn't want to go to college so she could pursue her music career but met Sa…


about 1 days ago
i’ve been on hold for the past 30 fucking minutes bruh. i hate verizon

Aarie. 🍯🧡

about 1 days ago
I tried to call em in an they place me on hold then hung up. I’m like lord if y’all only knew I’ve been craving thi…

@GOP, Not Trump, Not Another Russian

about 1 days ago
Just throwing this out there companies.... WHEN YOU PUT ME ON HOLD WHEN I CALL. Give me the option of not listenin…

Steve Fleischman 🌹

@RealEric4Real @DougHenwood
about 1 days ago
@RealEric4Real @DougHenwood I called the 800 help line to see what’s delaying my Soros check. Still on hold! And wh…


about 1 days ago
I am witnessing the WORST on hold music i have ever heard, my ears are really bleeding

Justine M.

about 1 days ago
@IKEAUSAHelp And once again, no phone call back from the manager of the store and the 7th person I’ve talked to say…


about 1 days ago
On the phone with Verizon rn, and I’m on hold. Not gonna lie the music they playing on the line kinda good lmao.

Minister Brian

about 1 days ago
@NordicTrack Machines are crap and customer service is even worse. Wait on hold for an hour then get transferred t…


about 1 days ago
why do they do so much talking when you’re on hold these days?? like just play me the elevator music & stfu

𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲. 🍄

about 1 days ago
The USAA plays the most awful music when they put you on hold.

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