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Sammie J Halley

about 7 minutes ago
@sainsburys absolutely awful service. 2 months wait for priority access, 2 weeks for a slot. Booked 9-10pm nobody s…

daisy :):

about 10 minutes ago
i was on hold for 2 hours just to be told to call back tomorrow, i hate it here


about 30 minutes ago
i’m on hold with my bank yet again ahah i hate this

Amy Western

about 31 minutes ago
On hold, going on 20 min, with Old Navy and they don't have hold music. It's silent until a lady tells me everyone…

Tim Marriner

about 33 minutes ago
@Ask_Spectrum Terrible customer service today. On hold for 45 minutes, transferred 3 times, and once I finally got…

Megan Bou

about 38 minutes ago
was on hold for an hour to ask a simple question abt my ap exam retake and the connection was so bad i got cut off.…


about 50 minutes ago
Y’all ever been on hold and that hold music lowkey slapping ! Be caught so off guard by the representative when they come on 😂

Melody Elaine

about 53 minutes ago
@FedEx I hate using your delivery and now I have been on hold with your customer service 20 minutes, talked to noo…

🍀 Today in Ireland 🍀

about 56 minutes ago
USAA issues again. After time on hold the recording says they’re closed. It’s 4:00 pm there. I ask for the operator…

Jon in Huntington Beach of Fullerton

about 56 minutes ago
Feel for those minor leaguers that are getting the pursuit of their dream cut or put on hold. Awful. I have an op…

velvet buzzcut

about 1 hours ago
im on hold with CVS and their hold music is a fatboy slim song im...


about 1 hours ago
@OldNavyCA I've been on hold now for 47 minutes. Nothing but music. Crickets. I've painted the bathroom and repotte…


about 1 hours ago
The music's going on hold because of this shit. It's all just crazy and unreal. Our prayers go to Floyd's family.…


about 1 hours ago
This company has me on hold why I’m really over here enjoying the hold music.


about 1 hours ago
Yoooo I keep finding more things I like about Tesla. On hold for the first time and this hold music is fire


about 1 hours ago
I've seen cops put my grandpa in handcuffs & put on the floor even though he had no legs and was sick. I've had the…

Kerrie Carnes Salwa

about 1 hours ago
@JensonUSA can you tell me If your customer service Dept is taking calls? My husband has been on hold for literally…

some girl

about 1 hours ago
i'm currently being rick-rolled by on hold music

The Red & Black

about 1 hours ago
PHOTOS: While live performances are on hold due to venue closures caused by COVID-19, musicians in #Athens have bee…


about 1 hours ago
I wanna take a nap 😴 so bad but I’m on hold 📱


@IndwellingLang @apistone
about 1 hours ago
@IndwellingLang @apistone Good to hear that! I had been singing in a cover band, but that's on hold for the near f…

Primetime Patrick

about 1 hours ago
She tried again today... Another 36 min. So I tried. I waited 32 min and finally got a human. I told him I needed…


about 1 hours ago
i’m on hold with a company to file a claim and their hold music is fleetwood mac... dare i say... mood


about 1 hours ago
@AskEquifax why is your phone service so bad? Still waiting on hold after 15 minutes. Please.


about 1 hours ago
As a lot of things are on hold and out of everyone’s control.. I found doing tiktok’s with my daughter to be super…

Connor Farrimond

about 1 hours ago
The world is shit. I hate a lot of things, and hate eats you alive. It's sickening what we endure. But I also love…

Kirstyn Salehi

@twjohnston1 @Apple
about 1 hours ago
@twjohnston1 @Apple Update, they scheduled a call with me and then robocalled and put me on hold. Yay... I haven't…


@joshgondelman @SheaSerrano
about 1 hours ago
@joshgondelman @SheaSerrano Good point. I guess I'll have to put my aspiring comedy career on hold for now. Too bad.


about 1 hours ago
@tomtomorrow On hold with board of elections NYC. Music is nails on a chalk board. At least they update you on calls ahead of you.

Amy L | 骆莹

about 1 hours ago
In all honestly I’ve been doing okay during this whole pandemic and putting my life on hold and no frisbee, I’m not…


about 1 hours ago
@Joannew68022274 The plans they lay out never mean anything. Look at brexit, all that crap is on 'hold' at the moment. Dates mean nothing

Louise Hannah

about 2 hours ago
Surely in this day and age, we can have better music when you’re on hold 🙉🙉🙉


about 2 hours ago
I’ve been on hold so long that I forgot I was like on the phone and not just listening to weird music


about 2 hours ago
my internet bill just went up and theres only ONE internet company that services my zip code (with reasobable speed…

NaaNa Blu

about 2 hours ago
I would say music has been part of my upbringing so I wouldn’t be able to give an exact number but it been long. Fo…


about 2 hours ago
The IRS on hold music slaps.

📌GA Pinned|Astro2ndWin✨

about 2 hours ago
So I’m seriously going through my Kpop stuff (it’s all packed up because I was suppose to move before Covid but it’…

P Wickham

@ajcorrigan @LindaBrownlow1 @JohnWinter2
about 2 hours ago
@ajcorrigan @LindaBrownlow1 @JohnWinter2 Ask him to put them on hold and it will sound like phone music 🎶 😉

aj 🪐

about 2 hours ago
im on hold with the doctor's office and the hold music is from the pizza parlor in club penguin


about 2 hours ago
OK No stream tonight Due to how bad I've been Im putting all content on hold. I will livestream instead as and whe…


about 2 hours ago
a list of things i'd like people i hate to do: - drive without your seat belt on - hold your umbrella up during a…


about 2 hours ago
On hold with footlocker is TRASH #footlocker #awful #poorservice #badbusiness


about 2 hours ago
me vs listening to elevator music for 20 minutes while on hold trying to figure out why im not getting my pandemic…

Lily 🌌

about 2 hours ago
@Bad_Wolf__Bay Yeah. I never liked that idea of having your own person depend on someone else. And it feels a bit l…

Al's Adventures

about 2 hours ago
Yep. Bad week. Don’t fall down your own stairs. It hurts. But I can walk slowly and it’s a lot better. Training sto…

Paul Nonnenmacher

about 2 hours ago
@costco -- you had me on hold for over 90 minutes to try to cancel an online order. Then I got cut off. What now? A…


about 3 hours ago
@DIRECTV 30 mins on hold and still don’t have tv. I pay too much money for crap service. Guess it’s time to move on…

Blanca Flores

about 3 hours ago
Why the hell do customer service calls have to have some funeral ass music when they put you on hold?!!!

nam to de bam

about 3 hours ago
@301xavierdgd I can’t go in to the dmv so I gotta call em and they got me on hold with no music

Naomi Grace Oakes

about 3 hours ago
@HSBC_UK Had a fraud alert come through via text and called your fraud team. Lady transferred me to another departm…

Craig Scott

about 3 hours ago
@beardmeatsfood Beard...As Miami is on hold and as you mentioned both my home town and also that nasty looking Parm…


about 3 hours ago
Being on hold with Adobe all morning was not exactly how I planned things out today. Plus their hold music is awful.

Kevin Wassong

about 3 hours ago
@Delta your service is abysmal!!! I have been on hold for 4 1/2 hours!!! Tried dealing through your website...NO GO…

drown the sun

about 3 hours ago
I’ve been on hold with David’s bridal for going on 8 minutes and I’ve got some opinions™️ on their music choice

Ranjit Garg

about 3 hours ago
Playing pop music instead of elevator music may make callers on hold less angry when someone finally answers, according to a study.

Ellie rhodes

about 3 hours ago
@TractorSupply Listening to the same horrible song for 20 minutes while on hold is awful.

Donna Dutchess

about 3 hours ago
When Nashville comes knocking, you answer. "Bad Day Good" is now on hold for a major artist, signed by a major publ…

Carol Ringwald

about 3 hours ago
Bad weather postpones SpaceX launch in Florida, putting historic day on hold


about 3 hours ago
I like how Apple lets you pick the music you want to listen while on hold. I chose silence. 🤷🏼‍♂️

𝔶𝔢𝔰𝔰𝔢𝔫𝔦𝔞 ☾

about 3 hours ago
I hate being on hold for something important 🙃🙃

Emma Siemasko

@KateTalbot2 @camillericketts
about 3 hours ago
@KateTalbot2 @camillericketts I have not read the book! I have it on hold from the library. Super curious if the tv…


about 3 hours ago
Why do automated systems need music when on hold ? It’s unnecessary & annoying

Paisley Parker

about 3 hours ago
Never once had a problem with @Apple wallet, then today it asks me to verify my identity, then tells me it’s wrong…


about 4 hours ago
When I ask a simple YES or NO question, I expect a YES or No answer, not a "hold on hold*silence*"

Pete Sirianni

about 4 hours ago
Just had the most enjoyable time spent on hold while calling an office for information. The hold music was Matchbox…

Manny Moralez

about 4 hours ago
i’m currently on hold with a healthcare company and i lost my damn mind when the hold music played frank ocean - am…

Chelsea Reynolds

about 4 hours ago
@ATTHelp I have been on the phone with @att for an hour, then the customer service rep put me on hold / didn’t resp…

Tamina Grimaldo

about 4 hours ago
I will definitely judge you as a company depending on the waiting music you put while I’m on hold with you over the phone

el neeners

@HVilmes @realwillmeade
about 4 hours ago
@HVilmes @realwillmeade Interesting perspective and I agree with you value investing is on hold. Why is it a bad ti…

Biker Bird Rach

about 4 hours ago
@RhinoRogers29 Yes I absolutley do.. and figures show the rates have dropped massively week on week.. and that's wh…

Riley Cassidy

about 4 hours ago
Nothing worse than being left on hold and the music playing is Jason Mraz

Cate Lawrence

about 4 hours ago
On hold for a German tech virtual event and the hold music is 99 Luft Rot Balloons jazz style haha


about 4 hours ago
I tried to switch my music then I remember I’m on hold with Apple 🤦🏽‍♀️

Spencer Hughes

about 4 hours ago
@sprint couldn't get us an adequate signal if we were riding the cell phone tower like a horse. But I like their on…

Andrew George

about 4 hours ago
@iamjboldsy_ I did the same thing. I check in on my laptop sometimes but took the app off at least while soccer is…

Extremely Socially Distant Tom Tomorrow

about 4 hours ago
oh god I'm on hold with a company that has wacky "on hold" music with a country western singing, "I'm on hoooooold…

Sinead clune

about 4 hours ago
@Barclays Two and a half hours on hold for the fifth time this week. My card has been blocked for potential fraud…

Stephanie Falcon

about 4 hours ago
The people next to me prolly think I’m weird cause I’m waiting on hold to elevator music and it’s blaring in my car.

Jon Blanthorn

@NYCMAGA2020 @DebKimball7 @tedcruz
about 4 hours ago
@NYCMAGA2020 @DebKimball7 @tedcruz Sure, would you like to start with before or after he became President? Should I…

H o l l y

about 4 hours ago
I’m not the Karen type at all, but damn @Wayfair - I’ve been on hold for an hour and 15 minutes to check on my rep…


about 4 hours ago
Been on hold for 3 hours, this elevator music is putting me to sleep🥱

Chris Miller

about 5 hours ago
@Airbnb how can I get ahold of your resolutions center? Bad enough we are dealing with a sick friend, now I’m on ho…

Hank Vilmes

@el_neeners @realwillmeade
about 5 hours ago
@el_neeners @realwillmeade Momentum trading is great right now, value investing is on hold. Making quick buck on c…

Traffic Updates + Useful Info

@DotcomAy @LSPWC_Official
about 5 hours ago
VIA @DotcomAy: @LSPWC_Official Because of Covid-19, Road Repairs has now been put on hold. We are now in the raini…


about 5 hours ago
I hate being on hold because wtf


about 5 hours ago
@Brinks I have to help my parents because your automated system sucks so bad. It's ridiculous. You should be ashame…

Kallie Marie

about 5 hours ago
@rabbitwithhorns Gosh yes. Itching to get back to music focused life. Still roving on the hunt for a new place for…

Ayo Ajayi

@Gidi_Traffic @LSPWC_Official @TrafficChiefNG
about 5 hours ago
@Gidi_Traffic @LSPWC_Official @TrafficChiefNG Because of Covid-19, Road Repairs has now been put on hold. We are n…

🍒GΔMIΞ •́ɞ•̀

about 5 hours ago
I was on hold with my psychs office and their holding music sounded like


about 5 hours ago
Gave up and called @massrmv again - on hold, caller #99, wait times over an hour. Nice classical piano piece on hol…

Madeline Potts

about 5 hours ago
I'M FINALLY ON HOLD. And instead of hold music, it's voice actors creating situations in which you could commit fra…


about 5 hours ago
@ex6st gaga hate on hold we can’t hate this queen now


about 5 hours ago
I hate making phone calls already but then being on hold for 30min+ just makes me want to hang up


about 5 hours ago
@nathansherwin3 The minecraft on hold music does my nut in

Jonathan Noble

about 5 hours ago
@VisionExpress over two weeks and no reply. Constantly on hold absolutely awful customer service.


about 5 hours ago
aliyah got me on hold listening to this damn elevator music 🙄


about 5 hours ago
@optimum going on 2 days without internet and cable. On hold over three hours only to get hung up on. How should my…


about 5 hours ago
to all my creators whether it’s music or comedy, we need y’all the most right now in these times. don’t put your ar…


@Ramirez90805ca @RealJamesWoods @CNN @MSNBC
about 5 hours ago
@Ramirez90805ca @RealJamesWoods @CNN @MSNBC B4 this got fully out of hand the protestors were all hanging out toget…

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