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@Kwkdawg @Expedia
about 1 hours ago
@Kwkdawg @Expedia FTW! It was a 1 hr & 5 min call. I needed to switch people on 2 flights, regardless of the cost.…


about 1 hours ago
@BenKlingberg Tachyons are weaponised by Centrelink. I spent 45 minutes in an interview room on hold with them toda…

about 1 hours ago
@defstyles818 Yes. I fucking hate them. Leaving me on hold that long... what're they doing? CHECKING REPLAYS AND FL…

Jonas Öhman

about 1 hours ago
@RichOToole Will you put your music career on hold and rock the world in the next season of MasterChef?


about 1 hours ago
@gleegz I genuinely love being social and hate when I have to put that on hold because oops I’m crying (Also yes,…


about 2 hours ago
@ATTHelp hey AT&T, bad experience today. Waited on hold for 20 minutes earlier today, only to have my call dropped…

Justin B

about 2 hours ago
@WaveConnects been on hold for an hour at this point. Can you please get your crap together.

sunny ôchumuk

about 2 hours ago
If I'm going to be on hold I want to choose what music I listen to.


about 2 hours ago
Right now the stream for tonight is on hold because it is storming really bad here.


about 2 hours ago
I’ve been on hold for so long that I started twerking to the elevator music they had playing

𝐿𝑒𝑥 Is meeting Ariana ? ♡

about 2 hours ago
My iTunes subscription is on hold till I start my new job and I miss it because i hate Spotify and pandora OOF


about 2 hours ago
Anyway, she puts her music career on hold, goes on a bunch of adventures with the Team, and basically becomes the m…


about 3 hours ago
I hate being on hold 🙄

Matt Neatock

about 3 hours ago
att has a new trick to keep you from cancelling: just leave you on hold. But at least the cut the music every 30 se…


about 3 hours ago
@DanieAlysse Girl my mama called cause I used her Citi credit card and the bitch had a attitude telling her to call…


about 4 hours ago
@elonmusk Still on the phone on HOLD w my tesla insurance rep. Its been 8 months on hold now. Please update the m…

Book Nerd

about 4 hours ago
Finally! This bad boy has been on hold forever. So ready to delve into it. #jacktheripper #TheFive #stabbystabby 🗡🗡…


about 4 hours ago
When it's worth it to put the bad dimple photoshop on hold and actually go outside.

Nima Fatemi

about 4 hours ago
@sprintcare An hour later after another 1hr call and I’m on a forever hold. It seems like the rep that was talking…

jose ♈️ 🔜bcxii➡️hulaween

about 5 hours ago
the front gate tickets number has me on hold and why did they just switch the music from ariana grande to country


about 5 hours ago
@GeekSquad At 46 minutes waiting and line has stopped elevator music now just static noises but still on hold . I h…

(still breathing up all the yt man’s air)

about 5 hours ago
Apple support gives you music genre options to listen to while on hold. What a time to be alive.


about 5 hours ago
@TMobile i been on hold for 30 min can y’all plz play sum bad bunny

Samantha Murphy

about 5 hours ago
i hate being on hold. i just want to pay my damn bill pls.

Quiznos 🦕

about 5 hours ago
On the phone with party city and their on hold music is walking on a dream lmaoo

Lynn Ellen

about 5 hours ago
On hold 20+ mins so far & the hold music playing is Heart's "Stranded." Very funny @TMobile 🙄😂😂

Chuck lockwood

about 5 hours ago
#TMobile on hold for 24 minutes with 611. Complaint? Walking down the sidewalk and this guy falls hits his head. Bl…

Lisa at #DragonCon

about 5 hours ago
This is crap! You can call @TMobile and wait on hold for 40 minutes and pay your bill but can't call anyone else or…

Jean-Michel Connard

about 5 hours ago
On hold with a credit card gateway trying to resolve a major issue with their system and their hold music is... dem…


@TMobileHelp @JohnLegere
about 5 hours ago
@TMobileHelp @JohnLegere Soooo T Mobile still is bad. Now I can’t make at accept calls on my phone and I am on hold…


about 6 hours ago
times but each time I called tHEM BITCHES KEPT SAYING “we have an unusual amount of traffic and can’t accept your c…

Ben Golan

about 6 hours ago
@DGPurser Gun control is for the sheep, the useful idiots who vote democrats. Those whoppers are the only think the…

Never Give Up!

about 6 hours ago
@BernardKerik I'd hate to be in need of help in THAT neighborhood and they call the police. Sometimes it's pretty h…

sunshine ☀️🌈 check 📌

about 6 hours ago
This hospital’s hold music is so beautiful and calming and this nurse has had me on hold for so long I might fall asleep sksjks


about 6 hours ago
40 mins on hold for nothing, I hate you @CA_DMV

A-Okay Cosplay

about 6 hours ago
@vickybunnyangel Ask them to hold on and put them on hold until they hang up....bonus if you have "waiting" type music on while "on hold"

Lilian Depp

@mdean_LeadMN @iLeadMN
about 6 hours ago
@mdean_LeadMN @iLeadMN 😱😓 I waited five years to be able to afford college as it is. I'd hate to have to put my edu…


about 6 hours ago
This may be first world problems here but, Sitting on Hold and dealing with Customer Support is absolutely abysmal.…

Andrea Cooke

about 6 hours ago
@Nigel_Farage My thoughts (just my individual thoughts) are that they are paying it lip service. On Hold and making…

Legally Shelby

about 7 hours ago
I’ve been on hold with the government for 45 minutes so far. I can’t believe our tax dollars fund that god awful hold music.

Joseph Burlett

about 7 hours ago
@Enterprise Hey do your reps at the #ManheimPA branch pick up the phone or do they just ignore it until it's time t…


about 7 hours ago
We can excuse the music being on hold but this?!


about 7 hours ago
I’m on hold & the only good thing is that they have good music playing


about 7 hours ago
I hate being on hold 😒


about 7 hours ago
When you’re calling Hot Topic and they put you on hold, the hold music is punk rock lmfao

acada communications

about 8 hours ago
Does your business need professional audio recordings or music on hold? We've got you covered! #acadaway


about 8 hours ago
Hate when someone call you disturbing your day and than out ya on hold .... stopping ya life 😂🤦🏾‍♀️


about 8 hours ago
⁦@bellcanadahater⁩ Is this why you hate them? On hold for an hour


about 8 hours ago
I hate when I think I’m about to be on hold for a long time so I stick like 5 chips in my mouth and then they answer


about 8 hours ago
I hate being on hold for to long I will hang up like fuck it .

Neil Willcox, Dutch Uncle

about 8 hours ago
@coffeeandpaneer I'm about to put everything on hold for a week to write a Hallowe'en themed 8 page zine that will…

pretty good

about 8 hours ago
Oh my God this company's hold music is a country song about being on hold

Saad Gul

about 8 hours ago
Note date and time. August 21, 2019. 16:28 hours. First Christmas music of year on being put on hold.


about 8 hours ago
@PearsonSupport I called you & have been on hold for an hour. The customer support is disgusting. I hate that I’m forced to buy this crap.

Lucas Daun

about 8 hours ago
@TotalZackWard NO!!! Bad idea. Term limits are bad for so many reasons. One of them is that it will lead to an even…

Taylor “pizza pizza” Reising

about 8 hours ago
if ur ever gonna pick a pharmacy solely based on their on hold music, Rite Aid absolutely slaps

myrissa 😻

about 8 hours ago
I really can’t wait to get my own car . I hate being on hold 😩

Domé Je

about 8 hours ago
my music, like fl studio. With this being said I have to cancel my album release and put it on hold until I'm able…


about 8 hours ago
Look how long I’ve been on hold listening to elevator music 😐😐😐


about 9 hours ago
@virginmedia Had just agreed to sign up for a further year but needed to be transferred (for a second time! And for…

Jeff Jacoby

about 9 hours ago
Hey, @DRPowerEquip, when did your customer service get so awful? My mother-in-law’s a longtime customer, but she sp…

Erin Christy

about 9 hours ago
Asst. News Director has been on hold with OU, with the hold music playing Boomer Sooner on repeat. He went to OSU…


about 9 hours ago
@usps the 1st and she claimed oh i locked it on the 31st that is ridiculous. As I express my complaint I am still…

c a r r i e ⚡️

about 9 hours ago
Having to put my gym membership on hold for 3 months because my finances are so bad. Please pray for my family & I.

Amy Buss

about 9 hours ago
@votevets My dad (US Army RET) has nothing but good things to report from the VA. On the other hand, a friend calle…

Angela Kuehn 🌸

about 9 hours ago
@FinishLine you have the most awful music when placed on hold.


about 9 hours ago
I've been on hold for actually 45 minutes I hate the admissions office so much


about 9 hours ago
It is bad manners to fail to finish a call with the original caller. Wait for them to conclude. Dont put them on hold unless they agree

Rick Selway

about 9 hours ago
@virginmedia really really awful customer care over the telephone tonight when I called. 35 mins on hold to two peo…

Paige Brianét

about 10 hours ago
I been on hold with the DOL for 30 minutes bruh I hate this annoying ass music they playin rn


about 10 hours ago
This should be a great conversation with Pat Furlong and $srpt..not sure who is representing Sarepta, but guessing…

Claire Moore

about 10 hours ago
Leaving USA today after best summer, but day ruined by @British_Airways for their awful customer service after mess…

sam friedlander

about 10 hours ago
I'm going to give away a few startup ideas. 1) A service that partners with #Spotify and when you call in to a bus…

Rahul H

@ICICIBank_Care @ICICIBank
about 10 hours ago
Dear @ICICIBank_Care @ICICIBank never had such a bad customer service experience in the last 4 years. No one has an…

Russ Robinson

about 10 hours ago
Seriously @MoneyLion?! I waited on hold for over an hour to have someone pick up, never say anything, hear them cha…

Peter Kelly

about 10 hours ago
@theSimonBolduc On hold with them? How bored are you?!


about 10 hours ago
@RingCentralCare Why is your support team so bad? Why do i keep using you if every new account is like pulling teet…

Kevin S

about 10 hours ago
Don't u hate when ur on hold for so god damn long just so they can hang up on u. An hr plus and counting and sudden…

Gautam kumar

about 10 hours ago
@VodafoneIN And now it's 60 mins on hold, my precious 60 mins well spent on hold ..... I am paying bills to hear the Hold music .... Great


about 10 hours ago
@safelite Service is scheduled. I’m trying to confirm something. Which is why I called. Can’t do that online. They…


about 10 hours ago
the music student finance play when they put you on hold actually hurts my ears


about 11 hours ago
Man I need my girl to listen to me vent. I guess when times are hard I hate her working the night shift. Is that se…


about 11 hours ago
@Taylorblanco_ It’s tht bad 😩🤦🏽‍♀️ my account on hold for 5 days 🙄

watt waddy

about 11 hours ago
I've been doing music since 2007. Now should I put it on hold? Bhim Wendy Shay University of Ghana Shatta


about 11 hours ago
ohhhh crap..Raidens coined, Snakes billed, Boss is plastic, goonies are all credit as opposed to..and everybody wan…

Tommy Robinson

about 11 hours ago
Really bad storm came through last night. I guess I'll have to put fishing on hold right now and get to work cleani…

Amélie Lacroix

about 11 hours ago
||On hold rps in dms and I'm bored.... Where's my baby-

$usie Carmichael

about 11 hours ago
I been on hold so long they cut off the music. That’s pv fasho!


about 11 hours ago
@stockx Hey StockX Team, in Sunday 8/18/2019 my account was placed on hold. I don’t know why? I have sold over 30K…


@norvina1 @amaaliio @Glamazon1026 @leanicolebeauty @ABHcosmetics
about 11 hours ago
@norvina1 @amaaliio @Glamazon1026 @leanicolebeauty @ABHcosmetics For the shade delays, it feels like you were stuck…

eve 🖤

about 12 hours ago
"calming" music while being left on hold on customer service lines does the exact opposite of making me feel calm


about 12 hours ago
I hate being on hold


about 12 hours ago
Call centers have 2 volume settings for their on hold music and i would very much like to know why its either "mous…

Tiffany Sweeney

about 12 hours ago
I hate being put on hold 🙄

Maria(Needles & Pins) Barnard

about 12 hours ago
On hold with @jlandpartners , their waiting music feels like an emotional journey.


about 12 hours ago


about 12 hours ago
Hate when you finally decide to adult and pay a bill that you was neglecting to pay about and they dont answer the…

Michelle Gaskey

about 12 hours ago
@SparkEnergy Please consider turning your obnoxiously LOUD hold music OFF…or in the very least - DOWN. There is no…


about 12 hours ago
@jsreinecker Ah the hate actually was starting in the spring but got put on hold due to the wet spring and $1 plus…

Football Season Mike

about 12 hours ago
@jimrome So Josh and Larry are on hold huh? I guess that means Flight Deck is just as bad at screening as Hawk.

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