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@one_black_frame @ServiceCanada_E @Shazam
more than a year ago
@one_black_frame @ServiceCanada_E @Shazam Just got disconnected after 6 hours on hold. Gotta admit, the hold music is growing on me.


about 4 minutes ago
U ever on hold with Flow so long that the music stop play?


about 14 minutes ago
If your phone played music for people when you put them on hold, what song would it be? 🧐


@ServiceCanada_E @Shazam
about 16 minutes ago
My wife has been on hold with @ServiceCanada_E for so long, she got bored and @Shazam 'd the "on hold" music. It's…


about 22 minutes ago
@AppleSupport please please give us Better waiting music plus I’ve been on hold wayyyyy too long


about 30 minutes ago
@Chase on hold for over an hour! Is your customer service dept closed????????? If it is put that in the message ask…


about 41 minutes ago
I feel extra bad for McKayla Skinner, she lost out on her Senior NCAA season and still the Olympics are being place…

Ryan Hodgson

about 43 minutes ago
Here's today's Australian music track: Models with Hold On. Hold on to what you've got. I…

Amateur Music Network

@JenniferKoh1 @mtilsonthomas
about 45 minutes ago
What are @JenniferKoh1 @mtilsonthomas and other musicians working on now that so many performances are on hold?


about 46 minutes ago
@c0ffeespill Holy crap, that worked! The lady I just spoke to said the disputes department closed about 10 mins ago…


about 48 minutes ago
I *should not* be feeling bad about literally not being able to do anything during this time. I shouldn’t feel bad…


@JoeVoter5 @WoShiWuhanRen @kazewindy01 @HuXijin_GT
about 55 minutes ago
@JoeVoter5 @WoShiWuhanRen @kazewindy01 @HuXijin_GT Read bout the doctor that warned about it & dead now between tha…

Juli Schultz 🇨🇦

about 56 minutes ago
And then you sit on hold with Canada Revenue Agency for 30 mins, listen to their crappy elevator music only to be h…


about 57 minutes ago
@ClixHimself Arent we all bored and i had a bunch of manga from the library on hold and i wont be able to read it t…

♡ ¹²⁷

about 59 minutes ago
I look forward to your posts. You always spill. You ain't NEVER lied. Even when I almost disagreed with u about the…

David Franco

about 1 hours ago
@Chase Too bad you don't have a CHAT! I had to wait for 2.5 hours on hold to talk to someone for 5 minutes. It requ…

Fix the Church

@Evan29288495 @carmenbest @KING5Seattle @LoriMatsukawa
about 1 hours ago
@Evan29288495 @carmenbest @KING5Seattle @LoriMatsukawa Did you just call me a "cracker"? I'm calling #911, so peopl…

Kevin 🇪🇺 🇳🇿

about 1 hours ago
@millenbrownact These are overwhelming days. Feel bad is pretty much universal at the moment. But never feel unwort…

Phoenix Benjamin

@BolltonL @LisaTuc54460653
about 1 hours ago
@BolltonL @LisaTuc54460653 My music career has been on hold for along time now. Ive lost many friends/fans/ twit &…

(((Margaret "STAY HOME!!!" Shane))) 🇨🇦 🌈

about 1 hours ago
55 min and counting on hold with @CanRevAgency And you know what? That's just fine. They have very few agents at…


about 1 hours ago
@Expedia Technical question: if I'm on hold waiting for a customer service rep and the music stops, does that mean…

Jake Hagopian

about 1 hours ago
The world might be on hold right now but if your aspirations went on hold with it, you probably never really wanted…

Luberson Joseph

about 1 hours ago
Maybe all of your 2020 plans are on hold, but please never forget, God's plans are always bigger than our own! Jus…

Tao S. Kayer

@dhoward405 @serrano1127 @Naughty_Dog
about 1 hours ago
@dhoward405 @serrano1127 @Naughty_Dog Hate to break it to you, but that's exactly what happened. Except that the wh…

Brittney Davis

about 1 hours ago
I've been on hold with @Instacart for 1.5 hrs and counting because my order wasn't delivered (even though it said i…


about 1 hours ago
put my whole life on hold for music..

T.narma 🐍

about 1 hours ago
chilling at home is fun and all. but i hate the fact that so many things are on hold

veryfried account

about 1 hours ago
drinking peppermint tea & pretending I don’t have 3 more months of solo-isolation with my relocation, job search, o…


about 1 hours ago
Update 2: I have now been on hold substantially longer than the duration of the flight I need help with. Starting…


about 1 hours ago
@Ask_Spectrum the internet at my house works 3/10 times. This is getting ridiculous!!!!!!! I keep calling and being…

Adobe Care

about 1 hours ago
@miss__clarissa Hello there, that doesn't look good. I hate being on hold too. We can help you quickly here. I just…

Amanda Erin

about 2 hours ago
@Xfinity been on hold in a chat for almost an hour, finally told I am “speaking with an agent” and have not gotten…


about 2 hours ago
@DavidJonesStore are your store phones working? Been on hold trying to connect with Warringah Mall for a while - is…


about 2 hours ago
I hate that corona virus literally put my life on hold 😭 i.e school.. my anxiety is a mess rn

Bambi Boulangerie

about 2 hours ago
After being put on hold FOREVER every day, I finally got through to the fraud division of my credit card company. I…

Paul Mausteller

about 2 hours ago
#TrumpPressbriefing we need #RollingStones music since rallies are on hold

Sarah Dungan

about 2 hours ago
@UrsulaV I tried to drink less caffeine and now have a headache. I have been on hold with my bank for 30 minutes. T…

Codeine papi

about 2 hours ago
I treat this music shit like a straight up multimillion dollar buissness or 9-5 job I like to stay organized on tim…


about 2 hours ago
The struggle to find this lady account !!!!!! Now I feel bad cause I got her on hold.


about 2 hours ago
@TheRealStafford Opportunity to do the fun things that always got put on hold. Art music design etc

Luke Gosling

about 2 hours ago
My brother has just turned 40. This is him having an isolation drink. We had a big family party planned which is on…


about 2 hours ago
@ATT One last thing, @att, the LAST thing I want while on hold is to listen to an hour of your jazzy version of the…

Kris VanDuyne

about 2 hours ago
@vtenney3 Supposed to be at 7 EST? Right? Still jamming to the on hold music


@nobro28 @WalmartCanada
about 2 hours ago
@nobro28 @WalmartCanada I had this same crap, been on hold 5 hours now they are garbage at customer service


about 2 hours ago
Corona .. I hate that bitch like how tf I get all the way to the finish line for a virus to put my Career on Hold. 😭🤞🏼

Kara Higgins

about 2 hours ago
I deliver babies at a Catholic hospital. In yet weird twist, their on hold music is now @PostMalone 😳😳😳I mean, I'm…


about 3 hours ago
@FoxNews what the crap?? You pull away from the task force for a town hall??? It couldn’t be put on hold for an hou…

Jermaine Hardison

about 3 hours ago
@BankofAmerica I've been with you guys for over 20+ yrs. I have 1 simple question about 1 simple transaction on my…


about 3 hours ago
❝ . . .I got 16th at Monza. Not a /bad/ start, but it did leave me with a sour note. Looks like /that/ redemp…

Jessica Kiser

about 3 hours ago
@Comcast @internetessentials I literally hate calling you guys. I understand it’s hectic right now but I can’t even…

Lesley Lopez

about 3 hours ago
All right, I understand the wait times are ridiculous, but @Citibank a little hold music induces less annoyance tha…

Pics by Ella 📸💋

about 3 hours ago
@ohyesitseve Lovelyyyyyy! Too bad the fuckin ronis put my trip to tx on hold 😭

Sandra Wells

about 3 hours ago
I thought I made progress today and actually got through on the phonel line to Oregon Unemployment- was on hold 3 h…

Allie Hyams

about 3 hours ago
When you coordinate the virtual town hall, you get to choose the on hold music. For me, it’s an easy pick: @kennyg 💯


@marcusxpenney @ServicesGovAU
about 3 hours ago
@marcusxpenney @ServicesGovAU It IS nice music isn't it? I was on hold three hours listening to that last week. 😄 #appreciate

Jennifer Parker

about 3 hours ago
@WellsFargo Why is your online banking not working? Sitting on hold for hours on end, listening to your bad on-hold…

Kazuma Satou『佐藤和真』

about 3 hours ago
"I'll take your sympathy. Anyways, give me a description of what this Issei guy looks like. People like him give a…

Susan Sees Red☮️❤️ 🇺🇸

about 3 hours ago
@funder You are everything wrong in this country. Who cares who Kushner is. Who care if you don't like him. Who…

Alyssa Marie

about 3 hours ago
I have been on hold with @comcast for an hour and a half now. Absolutely awful customer service support.

Rocka Roza

about 3 hours ago
@RamonesPodcast So optimistic, wow, I love it. I'm just not feeling optimistic. I was recording an EP, it's put on…

Melissa 🎃

about 3 hours ago
@Walmart I have been on hold with your customer service off and on for 2 days. Just today, since 1:30pm CT. Please…

Daniel Bones Thatcher

about 3 hours ago
I need @TellerOfSins to get better like yesterday. 1. I hate when she's sick or feeling bad for any reason. 2. Bury…

Mariano Lozano 🇪🇸🇺🇸

@dionito @Microsoft
about 3 hours ago
@dionito @Microsoft Not bad for facilities’ workers but many IT projects to be executed onsite have been put on hol…

Father of All Motherfuckers

about 3 hours ago
@Ask_Spectrum why is your customer service so bad, they keep putting me on hold, 6hrs on hold rep after rep, what the actual fuck man.

sєσnghwα вαll swєαt uwu

about 3 hours ago
was supposed to have my lightiny delivered today on hwa's bday but of course nothing ever works out for me and it's…

Hugh Mannity

about 3 hours ago
This is bad.. Even the #TesticleFestival is put on hold due to #COVID19 #Bad


about 3 hours ago
Who decides the music for businesses when they place you on hold? Whoever it is I think they all do a wonderful jo…

the sush🍣

about 3 hours ago
On hold with my mortgage company, msnbc on mute. staring at a man with a mean, shifty-eyed look on malevolent orang…

Emily Gaudette

about 3 hours ago
Hold on HOLD ON he wrote That Thing You aaaand this classic?? What a loss to pop music and culture...…

Jocelyn Pennington

@Comrade_Darling @AlexSheltman @HancTom @AnaKasparian @AOC
about 4 hours ago
@Comrade_Darling @AlexSheltman @HancTom @AnaKasparian @AOC Thank you, I have actually worked from home for years s…

Simon Walklate

about 4 hours ago
Obviously, everyone’s got bigger fish to fry at the minute, and for the foreseeable future, but can’t wait to get b…

Distiller Promo

about 4 hours ago
A band based in #Asheville is using social media to spread the message of social distancing. @TheGetRightBand put t…


about 4 hours ago
@Xfinity your customer service sucks so bad I’m not sure I could compare it to anything worse - over 1hr on hold, I…


about 4 hours ago
Seriously fuck this virus. I need to buy my own car, joe and I need to get a house, everyone needs to move on with…


@UPS @UPSHelp @UPSHelp
about 4 hours ago
@UPS @UPSHelp @UPSHelp 15 minutes since DM, 45 minutes on hold and your phone system disconnects me.....still waiti…

Dave Lapsley

about 4 hours ago
I'm back on hold again!!!! I have music!! I'd live-tweet this experience, but instead, just come back and read…


about 4 hours ago
Been on hold with a bank for like 25min, usually I’d trip but this music thats on loop is crazy Chord progression…

Jessica Currie

about 4 hours ago
Most irritating thing... the music they play when you are on hold

Shannon Erdman

about 4 hours ago
@NikkiSixx I will also be painting canvas and chalk painting furniture & making frames out of shells when the offi…

Joy Espin ⭐️⭐️⭐️

@the_resistor @realDonaldTrump
about 4 hours ago
@the_resistor @realDonaldTrump Several times if you put your hate on hold you might have heard him.

Nathaniel Hawk

about 4 hours ago
Can I get a job playing "on hold" music for people calling the unemployment office?

Jack McDonald

about 4 hours ago
on hold w pharmacy for going on an hour - their hold music is 45 seconds of smooth jazz that repeats at twice the volume every other time


@baby_no13 @BarbaraKroupa @JeffreyGuterman @realDonaldTrump
about 4 hours ago
@baby_no13 @BarbaraKroupa @JeffreyGuterman @realDonaldTrump During normal times I would understand the insane parti…


about 4 hours ago
i’m on hold and the music is giving me awful flashbacks to being at church at 15 when i convinced myself i wanted to be baptist

Unfriendly Black Hottie 🥵

about 4 hours ago
I fucking hate cvs, Ive been on hold for 15 mins two different times... bitch I need my inhaler


about 4 hours ago
@Mark52342193 They make cancelling as difficult as possible. Tactic used to deter ppl from cancelling. I'm afraid y…

Great American Novel Coronavirus

about 4 hours ago
@craigtimes i spent so much of my two weeks in france on hold with Air France over some missing luggage, but the ho…

Onanist Supreme

about 4 hours ago
@pathhyena I'm working from home and I fucking hate it. I'm a debt collector. On one hand I'm grateful to have a jo…

The Detour Effect

about 5 hours ago
@mtmagog Amen, lots to be grateful for. For me I’m not really bored but I’m bummed all my goals are on hold, or feel like they’re regressing

Dalton Bowlin

about 5 hours ago
@ryankirbz I’ve been praying for the world through all this man, and also for the music industry and my fav bands.…


about 5 hours ago
@ATT ok on hold total of 2 HOURS 15 MINUTES! This womans voice and messages are NOT making me like you guys much an…

The Alibi Kingston

about 5 hours ago
After 85 mins on hold listening to shit music @tdcanadatrust informs me that due 2 tech difficulties they cannot pr…


about 5 hours ago
I hate being put on hold for long periods of time for a problem that can be resolved in a fraction of the time.


about 5 hours ago
@DillonGeroux I hate to tweet in a favor , but if one of those local ladies does drag your ass into the hedges woul…

Elmer Plasencia

about 5 hours ago
@LATAMAirlinesUS I've been on hold for over an hour waiting to speak to someone and my hold music just ended. Am I…

pri, known harlot⁷ ♡ 👾

about 5 hours ago
why does the nyu bursar play such depressing piano music while youre on hold

Jennifer Lane

@molinahealth @ThisAmerLife
about 5 hours ago
@molinahealth 45 minutes in, and I'm back on hold. Here is a wonderful episode of @ThisAmerLife on your Hold Music!

Courtney S.

about 5 hours ago
Been on hold with a credit card company for 4 hours without talking to a single person. It's insane that such a lar…

Alex Greenwood

about 5 hours ago
Been a fun day, stuck on hold with two separate banks. On the bright side, both banks have terrible hold music.


@Sydney_BS @CanRevAgency
about 5 hours ago
@Sydney_BS @CanRevAgency Ive spent over 6 hours on hold over the last two days. Good news is the awful hold music p…

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